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DTV - 3D

Natural block stopper machine with latest generation 3D technology.

The new 3D DTV incorporates 6 artificial vision cameras with high speed 3D system, these cameras are divided into two stations to get for the first time a machine that completely rebuilds the body and the head of the cork with high speed 3D technology.

One of the main features of the NEW DTV 3D is its stability in the production of corks per hour, thanks to its innovative mechanics and its new 3D system we get a production of 14,000 corks per hour, which makes the DTV the fastest and most stable depalletizer in the market with hardly any process interruptions.




We present the new machine for counting and checking marked corks with full inspection of the cork by artificial vision.


This new machine incorporates 3 artificial vision cameras that allow to verify the body and the heads of the corks, count accurately and verify that the cork does not suffer any structural or dimensional defect, all thanks to an innovative feeding system that deals with delicacy the cork without hardly manipulating it.



Machine to observe the density of the cork disks by means of X-Ray to find impurities, such as wood, ants ...




Cork disks preselection machine with latest generation 3D-Color technology.

In this new model of 3D machine we incorporate the perimeter lateral reading of the disk with a single camera to avoid overlapping between cameras and deformation of defects by perspective, without forgetting the upper and lower readings of those that already had the last version but now a with 3D and color integrated in 1 camera.

The fact of having incorporated a new side inspection in our machine does not penalize at any time one of the main characteristics that made the previous model the fastest preselection machine in the market, RASA 3D LAT maintains that production and improves the inspection with its third peripheral side camera.

TRT - 3D

Electronic inspector for corks, with full 3D color and new security measures


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